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Pro Dryer Vent Cleaning

Of course, you would do anything to prevent house fires, right? Would you like to save extra money? If "YES," then Pro Air Duct Cleaner experts have the solution for you. With our dryer vent cleaning, you will prevent the risk of house fires from lint buildup.


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How Often To Clean Dryer Vent?

Although dryer vent cleaning is an overlooked service, it's a necessity. It would help if you got your dryer vent cleaned every one or a couple of years. This can vary depending on your dryer type, its age & how often you run the dryer. Pro Air Duct Cleaner recommends scheduling a pro cleaning visit to your house regularly.

Choose our Dallas, Texas cleaning techs to make your dryer is a safer home appliance without any threats! We will offer you this service at the cheapest prices & free estimates! So all you have to do is giving us a call! For lint removal service & to prevent the threat of hazardous house fires!

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Warning Lint Buildup Signs!

Whenever you notice any of these signs, you have to know that a more significant issue should be addressed right away! So it would help if you kept an eye on the following. You will find that clothes, especially those with heavier towels & jeans, are still damp even after a complete drying cycle!

The dryer & the clothes feel abnormally hot to touch. The dryer is shutting off before even it finishes the drying cycle itself. You will notice a burning smell while running your dryer & theirs's a noticeable rise in your energy bills! Once you notice any, call Pro Air Duct Cleaner immediately if you are experiencing any of these signs to prevent the risk of house fires!.

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Benefits Of Dryer Vents Cleaning!

A properly clean dryer vent is important to ensure that water is totally dry from your clothes during the drying cycle. If your dryer vent is clogged with lots of lint, moisture will cause mold growth, affecting air quality. Only professional dryer vent cleaning can make your indoor air quality healthier! Serious dryer fires can occur when lint buildup inside your dryer or the exhaust duct.

When the lint blocks the airflow, it will cause excessive heat buildup, resulting in a fire! The only preventative measure is to schedule dryer vent cleaning regularly with Pro Air Duct Cleaner. By eliminating the debris buildup in the dryer, your dryer won't work harder than it should, which increases its efficiency & extend its lifespan.

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